Affordable Decor & Storage 101

Update: I'm officially a resident of the real world. Having recently made the jump from living at home, to completely living on my own, I'm broke as ever!! I've been itching to move out for a while now, and finally stumbled upon the opportunity to live the city life I've dreamed (dreamt?ok grammar police, relax) about. 


With moving comes packing, and with packing comes realizing how much S**T you have that you need to store efficiently. Some are ever so blessed with storage space, but most city dwellers like me are not so lucky with have an expensive dig and the teeniest of closets. Here are my tips and tricks for making your room cozy and organizationally friendly on a budget. 

I had a vision in my mind for my room. Since I share my apartment with 2 boys (not as bad as you think!!!), my room is the only place in the house where I have a complete control of the decor....and cleanliness. I knew I wanted to adhere to a minimalist theme, but not completely bland, while keeping it clean & chic. 

For starters, my closet is literally tiny. If you know me off of the interwebs, you are well aware I have an obsession with jackets, sweaters or anything leather. I knew my closet was most definitely NOT going to fit everything I owned, so in combination with a chest of drawers, a hanging rack on wheels,  hanging shelves, and various other storage essentials- I made it work. 


1. I live for closet organizers. They are so inexpensive and keep everything NEAT & TIDY!! Not only did this add a shelving unit to my room without any tools, it fits so.much.stuff AND has a pole to hang clothes. GENIUS!! 

2. I knew that moving into an apartment with little to no closet space meant that a rolling garment rack was an absolute must. The majority of large retailers sell these, and if you don't have one by now, you're living under a non-glamorous rock.  Disclaimer: limit what you WILL start swaying...


3. I've been having this inner battle with myself whether shoes belong in the bottom of the close...or on a shoe rack outside of the closet...or on a shoe rack on the bottom of the closet...UGH. It has no importance but regardless, I purchased this wicked cheap extendable shoe rack that holds FIFTEEN pairs. I prefer having my clothes, shoes and accessories displayed in front of me because I tend to forget what I have when I store it away. I end up finding it a year later in complete shock that I still own that cardigan with a pizza grease stain on it. 

4. T.J Maxx literally sucks the life out of me. I'm surprised my credit card company hasn't contacted me due to suspicious activity. With a new location that recently opened close by,  you know that I was the first one in line guuuuurl. I purchase my candles and room accessories in the housewares department, including the organizing bins, curtains, rose lights, faux flowers, frames and this luxurious rug pictured above. You can't go wrong with $99 for a 5' by 7' area rug!! (Side note: I didn't realize how expensive rugs actually were until I had to buy multiple for my that moment, it all kind of hit me why my birth giver was so angry about me eating or sitting on her fancy rugs growing up). 

5.  Wall art can be expensive and not to mention heavy when you have thin, lifeless walls like I do. I knew I wanted plenty of wall art but didn't want to drop the moolah or put gaping holes in my walls. It then dawned on me that I can print pictures, frame them and stick them to my walls. It sounds simple....because it is.


Etsy is a great platform for ordering custom prints that are emailed right to your inbox. By sending the files to CVS or Walmart photo department, your digital files soon become poster sized wall decor. Just stick em in frames and adhere to the walls using command strips....VOI LA! An affordable and decorative way to spice up any empty wall space. 

What are you favorite ways to spice up a small space? Comment below with your favorite organization tips and tricks!